What should I do on wash day?

I have a 4b/4c mix and I'm really confused on what routine I should use for wash day. I've had my hair in braids for a long time and when I would wash my hair I would only use shampoo and conditioner, which wasn't helping. I was thinking that for my new routine I would do this but I needed approval from other naturals. 1. Detangle2. Pre-poo 2. Co-wash 3. Deep conditon

1 Answer

I'm a combination of 4 a,b, and c, so what I do may or may not work for you. I don't detangle before washing or pre-poo, ever. I always cowash-- not with conditioner, but a formulated cowash like AsIAm (gets my scalp and hair really clean without stripping the hair). I use a wide toothed comb with the cowash to detangle during wash ( finger detangling is fine, too), then leave it while I shower, then rinse well. I follow with a light leave in on damp hair, then styling product, etc. I only deep condition as needed, otherwise my hair gets overly hydrated and limp. Your hair porosity (mine leans toward high po) and texture will determine whether you need to pre-poo and/or deep condition. Pay attention to how your hair is behaving, and how it's needs are changing with hormones, humidity, and seasons, and adjust accordingly. I also had to discover through trial and error which product ingredients my hi-po hair didn't respond well to.  Good luck, go forth and be adventurous!