How often should I wash my hair?

I just did a big chop, 3 weeks ago. I've read that I should wash with shampoo once a month, but co-wash once a week. I've co-washed once a week, but not yet actually washed my hair. Should I wash (with shampoo) more often than once a month? Is just co-washing 3 weeks of the month and shampooing once a month? Help! I'm new to this!

1 Answer

My best advice is listen to your hair. If your hair is feeling dry no matter what you do that's when you wash, deep condition and ect. The last thing you want to do is follow someone's regimen because it's working for them. Do what works for your hair. How often you shampoo depends on how much products you put in your hair.  If you get build up often or a dirty scalp often then probably shampoo with a sulphate free shampoo more than once a month otherwise once a month should be fine. You don't need to co-wash every week if your hair or scalp isn't dirty so try going a week without co-washing and if your hair is dirty then wash weekly if it isn't then try going couple of more days, the last thing you want to do is wash hair that doesn't need to be washed that causes unnecessary dryness and frizz.Hope this helps xo