How often should I wash my hair?

I usually wash my hair once a week, my hair doesn't stink, it doesn't feel dirty, it doesn't look dirty..... I just don't really like it. Also I don't like to do anything like twisting or just anything new until the day before I wash my hair or the day I actually wash my hair (Saturday). So is washing it once a week really necessary?

1 Answer

If you dont feel like your hair needs it then no. I do it once a week and I freaking hate it lol. Its a lot of work when you have a lot of hair and it isnt short, AND I wash my child's hair once a week as well. So thats 2 heads every Saturday dedicated to hair. My whole day gone. That being said, our hair grows faster when our scalp is clean.If just dont feel like washing your hair once a week, but it is benefiting your hair then keep doing it. If you dont use a bunch of product in it and youre fine without it then dont. You can wash it whenever you feel like you need to. That being said, I would NOT wait any later than every 2 weeks. I hope this helps, xo - again lol.