Should I wash my hair every day if I swim?

I have 2b hair (I think). I'm not super educated on how to care for my curls but I do know that it isn't recommended to wash every day. My only concern with this is that I swim every day, sometimes twice a day, and my hair is highly effected by the chlorine. Should I use a chlorine shampoo everyday? Or a normal cleansing shampoo some days and chlorine removing other days? Or maybe a cleansing conditioner? I need some help molding a routine for my swim-revolving schedule. 

3 Answers

It isn't good to shampoo the hair everyday but chlorine isn't good for our hair could always try cleansing the hair using conditioner alone after swimming and give it a good shampoo once a week if you need to..
Agreed! A cleansing condish each day with only one shampoo a week will keep your hair clean without being too harsh. Remember to DC a few times a week as well to help combat dryness and damage. Consider air drying more often if you don't already do so. I used to swim everyday when I was in college. I had relaxed hair at the time and I would slather on a good DC followed by a covering of some sort (silk lined hat, tobogan, etc.). When I got home later that day, I'd hop in the shower, rinse the DC out, gently cleanse with a moisturizing shampoo or just with conditioner (or just a good rinse period); slather on some Cholesterol or protein condish; lightly rinse that out and blowdry on low. I always left a bit of condish in or would add a little to my hair prior to blow drying. I used some light oil- nothing heavy. I retained lots of length and grew my hair longer than it had been in years. My hair is fine so one would think all of this manipulation would stress my strands but with proper care and products, they remained healthy. 
I'm an avid swimmer and something I've been doing is soaking my hair with water  until it can't absorb anymore before going into the pool and adding a little bit of conditioner. I do this because once the hair absorbs as much as it can there will be no room for clorine and other pool chemicals to make their way into the hair shaft which means no damage and excessive dryness. and once you're out you can use a regular shampoo and follow regular washing.