Can I wash my hair with Havanna Twists without them getting dreaded-looking?

I very much enjoy washing my hair. Having crochet braids ( I have them in now) doesn't allow me to do that accurately and I'm going to be taking these out soon, putting something else in a week later; I have considered Havanna Twists. I've had twisted crochet braids twice now, and every time I wash my hair (or attempt to) the twists get matted, dreaded-looking, and frizzy. I would assume this happens when washing all twisted styles but I cannot be sure.

1 Answer

I wash my hair with braids/twists in and they also tend to look frizzy but not necessarily "dreaded-looking". If you want to cleanse your scalp, I do recommend focusing the shampoo/conditioner on your scalp and apply small amounts of leave in to prevent possible frizz. I'm not sure if it's entirely possible to eliminate it all together, but I hope this helps!