How do I wash my hair in steps for transitioning 4b hair?

i just need the steps. I've read some articles in naturallycurly and got great products for coily and transitioning hair but the steps are important too. Do I deep condition before I detangle? These type of steps.

1 Answer

Step 1: Pre-poo with an oil (olive and coconut oil are great)Step 2: Shampoo with a silicone and sulfate free shampooStep 3: Condition with a conditioner that have good slipStep 4: Detangle while the conditioner is still in your hairStep 5: Deep Condition Step 6: Use a leave in conditionStep 7: MoisturizeStep 8: Seal in moisture with an oil Step 9: proceed to style hair * steps and products used might vary depending on how you're styling your hair. I hope this helped.