Should I wash my hair with sulfate shampoo once a month?

So I am pretty new too all of this, I just started using low poo so I wonder do I need to wash my hair with sulfates sometimes... It is struggle for me cause low poo does have coco betaine but is it strong enough to keep build up away. I dont use any silicones on my hair and I dont use too many products . Thank you for your help:)

1 Answer

Have you looked into the devacurl buildup buster? I haven't tried it, but it's supposed to be amazing. I also have 2b/c type hair & i will need a good cleanse once in a while too, but i won't use sulfates, you can get a shea moisture shampoo that will get rid of build up, but won't have any sulfates. also, when you no-poo, are you massaging your scalp for a few mins? That will help loosen up the build up as well.Hope that helped! :)