How often should i wash my hair? Type 3a/3b

2 Answers

There are lots of facts that determine better the time you should take between washes rather than your hair's pattern; like it's porosity, width, wether if your scalp is oily or dry. Curly hair naturally tends to be dry, so it can stand very well a couple of days between washes, and, in my opinion, the less you wash it, the better, since chemicals in products can cause damage to your curls and leave them dry. I think you have to test how many days can your hair look good without being washed, and that's the frequency you should keep, but there is not such a thing like an optimal frequency for everyone, you just have to figure out what works best for your own hair, like in most curly hair related things. If it serves for something, I'm 2c, low porosity, fine width, have normal oleosity on my scalp, and I figured out, after a couple of times, that washing it once a week was too much time between washes, since my hair looked greasy and dirty a couple of days before my washing day. Then I started washing it twice a week, and I'm happy with that.
I agree with CindyBeth. You just need to be free in discovering what your hair likes and it may differ with the seasons and your activity level. Sometimes I can co wash 2x before I feel the need to shampoo (sulfate free) other times I can co-wash 5x and then shampoo. My co-was with V05 helps get rid of oily roots so I feel really good that I am not washing it that often. If your hair is a bit drier you can try Suave Naturals or even drier Tresemme Naturals as a cheap effective co-wash that allows easy detangling. However, co-washing won't be as effective if you are using silicones in your products. You need to clarify (ACV or a sulfate shampoo one last time) and then you can start co-washing assuming you aren't using silicones in anything from that point on in your routine. Listen to your hair and try different things.