Should I Co-Wash? Or use Sulfate Free Shampoo?

I'm not sure. 

4 Answers

I wouldn't recommend using a co-wash for your wavy hair. Your hair is too fine. 
I too would suggest a co-wash for your type of hair.
First of all, if you're going to stop using sulfates, make sure you're also not using silicones in your conditioner or styling products or you are going to get product buildup in your hair! I wouldn't label either a bad choice for your hair right off the bat. For me, I can do both. Try finding a good cowash for your hair and using that for a while (sometimes you need to try a couple to get one that works, I have tried and loved as I am cleansing cream and I got it a Target). If your hair is prone to buildup and/or you can't get rid of that feeling with the cowash, try switching to a sulfate free shampoo or try another cowash. Even if you can go a long time before getting that feeling you might want to keep a SF shampoo on hand for every so often like I do. To be honest I don't even use an official co wash on my hair. I kind of think buying a separate conditioner for a cowash is a bit of a gimmick. When I get it wet I just massage my scalp all over with whatever conditioner is working for me at the time (right now the newest cantu conditioner), let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse it out. If my hair starts feeling heavy, like there's might be a buildup of oils, or every couple weeks I use a SF shampoo to reset it. TLDR, keeping a sulfate free shampoo on hand just in case is not a bad idea, but you're probably good using conditioner most of the time unless you're really prone to buildup.
I just went back to Sulfates we curly wavy girls neeeeeeeed Sulfates sometimes... co washing is great for my wavy loose curly hair but it LOVES to be cleansed with a shampoo too!! ^_^   There is no right answer to this question because we need both you have to decide and listen to your hair and use what you feel you need at that time.