If I use a sulfate shampoo every ten days and co wash every 2-3 days. Do I need to clarify?

I use the shea moisture curl and styleMilk and curl enhancing smoothie and sometimes ors olive oil. I don't get buildup.

3 Answers

I would say no. Doesn't sound like you're putting anything in your hair that would require your using a clarifying shampoo.
Only your hair can tell you if you need to clarify. Feel your scalp, and if it feels gunky in spots or coated, that's buildup. Also look at your curls and see if they are stringy, or limp. If you have no signs of buildup, you don't need to clarify. Just keep on doing what you're doing! :P
no. Clarifying is to strip all buildup from your hair. Cleansing it thoroughly. Becuse your shampoo has sulfate in it. Its pretty much doing the job. no buildup no need to clarify.