I'm 27, and my hair won't curl anymore. How do I get my curl back?

Within the last year (I am 27 years old) my hair has lost its curl. It's a limp wavy frizz (VERY frizzy) ball. I used to have voluminous, smooth curly hair. I think it might be a variety of factors, but I'm having a hard time nailing down the issue. Within the last year or so my scalp became extremely dry, I basically had dandruff. It was extremely itchy and would flake everywhere. So I switch my shampoo (I think I usually got whatever shampoo was on sale) to Head and Shoulders. This fixed the dandruff. So my current hair regime is to wash it using Head and Shoulders (2 in 1). I was washing it every day, but have since switched to once a week. Get out of the shower and put it in a hair turban for about 10 minutes. Then I use Tresemme moose and a little hair spray (from the bottle not the can). Sometimes a little Moroccanoil. My hair sometimes comes back to life by the third or fourth day after I’ve washed it. But the first few days it looks terrible. I wash it by usually the seventh day because I feel so much build up.I am also starting to get a lot of grey hairs, I am not sure if that could be a factor. I think it's time I invest in some products specifically for curly hair. I don't want to break the bank though. And more importantly I don’t know where to start.

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