I'm gonna make this short and sweet. What's your take on DIY deep conditioners?

Using kitchen found items, mayo,eggs,bananas etc? 

2 Answers

i think it's disgusting but i know many girls love it and swear by it so i can't knock it. even though i tried it and didn't like how the hair felt. there are chemists that dedicate their lives to learning how to create hair products that work very well. there are so many great products out there that will give you amazing results. i am not a fan of items that sit on the hair rather penetrate the hair and hydrate it from within. my blog talks about this. ShaiAmiel.tumblr.com
The only kitchen items I use are eggs, avocado , olive oil , and green tea .... like it tell everyone , what works for one dont work for all . Plus experimenting is always fun and exciting . Whatever you do , just be consistent to see a better result . Good luck !!