I've been sulphate/silicone-free and my hair is dry & undefined. Should I switch methods?

So I've been curly for about a year now, and while in the beginning my hair looked okay, I've never been happy for more than a day and I've got frizz galore, no definition, and NO NO NO moisture, even if I soak overnight in shea butter or cocoa butter or whatnot (even if I don't). I've tried a number of products, but the best luck I had, which I was still meh on, was with co-wash and then onto no-poo with Deva, and never had any luck after trying to brush/comb/detangle whatsoever after my last rinse. Never could keep my style more than a day and a half.In trying to improve my hair, I went to a curly stylist, and much to my surprise, he used products that I'm almost positive have sulphates and silicones in them (AG Hair line I think), as well as combed and brushed through my hair!....and my hair looks fantastic? It's got definition without being crunchy that's held for two days, and it FEELS better and more moisturized too! I want my hair to look like this every day!I was always told that sulphates and combing through were the death of nice natural curls, but I love my hair now! Is this just a product of having a stylist do my hair, and the silicones and sulphates will eventually do damage if I use them continuously, or can curls thrive with good products containing so-called "bad" ingredients? Should I switch?

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Hi. Okay, so I TOTALLY feel you on the shock about finding that combing/brushing and using products with cones and sulfates made your hair lovely. I was always told to avoid brushes, and right before I threw mine away, I gave it a quick try and had curls that were EXTREMELY defined! (I'll post a pic at the end). Constant use of sulfates strips your hair of moisture, and I believe what I've read/heard is that cones cause build-up, but when used in moderation, they're *actually* pretty useful in providing slip for detangling and more! Sulfates are always bad, because you need your moisture, so I wouldn't suggest adding those back to your hair diet, but a few cones here and there in moderation aren't too bad. If you can, read a few product reviews on here and other places of people with hair that you think is most like yours and give the products a try, leaving a little leeway for cones. See how it works for you, and just remember that you don't want to use too much. Learning what works for your hair is frustrating sometimes when you keep finding contradictions in these 'hair rules' you hear, but everyone's hair is different!*As promised, a picture of my hair after brushing it curly (**and wet!!!**) for the first time. My curls *never* were this defined before! Now I love it every day even more! Just please remember your hair should *always* be wet when you comb/brush!