How do you know how often your hair should be washed such as twice a week or every ten days?

I have shoulder-length, low porosity, high/medium density, medium thickness individual strands, 3b hair. I wash with conditioner and use gel, conditioner, and oil products.

2 Answers

Try to not wash it to often, but only do it when you feel like you should. Maybe twice a week is good, depending on your scalp 
Everyone's hair is different, so the answer will vary. You really just have to listen to your hair and scalp needs. Twice a week is a good recommendation...but pay close attention to your hair in between washes. Is your hair drying out? Then maybe you only need to wash once a week. Are you having lots of buildup? Then I'd suggest washing more often, or cutting the amount of product. Good luck learning about your hair! Check out this article for more help.