how to massage scalp with low-poo?

Hello! I am new to CG and low poo, and have started using Shea moisture's moisture rendition shampoo. I read everywhere that i should be careful to massage my scalp when i use low-poo shampoos. But how? and for how long? right now, showering takes forever because im scared im not massaging long enough! Any tips?

1 Answer

When you massage your scalp, at all not just with shampoo, be careful not to use your nails. Make sure you're using the pads of your fingertips to help the blood circulate and get pumping in your scalp. I would only massage it for 5 no more than 10 minutes since it's a shampoo. But you should try to massage your scalp often if you can, even not with shampoo lol.hope this helps! xo