Over Moisturized, Lack Lusture Curls! How do I cleanse (scalp, root, midshaft, ends) and start over?

I am a 3c (think Mel B back in the day!) I rarely wash, but I do dampen, and use product to get it to work every day. I NEVER use gel, just leave-in's, coconut oil, shea butters. I recently read an article that made me realize that my once fun bouncy curls, could very well be over moisturized, as they are now long stringy messes. My question is, how do I undo this? I tried the protein line from suave, but I feel like I need to strip the layers upon layers, of creams and oils, and start over, is there a cleanse that works? Some concoction I don't know about? All my knowledge thus far is trial and error, and just doing what works for me. THANKS IN ADVANCE :)

1 Answer

when hair is over moisturized your protein/moisture balance is off. You need a deep penetrating protein treatment, Aphogee is the best one. Also you need to clarify which happens before the protein treatment, Shea Moisture JBCO shampoo is really good. Kinky Curly has a a clarifier which is also good. So use the clarifying shampoo, then the protein treatment, and deep condition last. Last, cleansing should happen once a weak to maintain proper scalp maintainence.