Most Moisturizing or Gentle Shampoo, Cowash, or Conditioner for Cowashing?

My hair is EXTREMELY sensitive to about any kind of cleansing. I have tried very gentle sulfate free shampoos, As I Am Coconut Cowash, a L'oreal cowash, a few different conditioners for cowashing and they all leave me with frizzy, poofy hair.I don't use sulfates or silicones, and I have 2a-b fine+medium hairs, bra strap length, low porosity roots, high porosity ends, low elasticity.Also I have tried oil treatments and oil prepoo-ing and it doesn't help.

1 Answer

You should try using Suave Naturals conditioner to cowash. It has no actual cleanser, so it won't strip your hair, but it will still clean your scalp if you scrub in circular motions with your finger pads.