Are there any natural products for women with dandruff? I've been using selson blue but it's not eno

really bad dandruff...somebody said that I should not be scratching my head or scratching the dandruff up as we say. Is this true and what types of non poo products tackle this problem. I've been using selson blue but it's not enough.

2 Answers

Hi,Yes there are natural treatment or home remedies which you can follow to cure dandruff. You can try fenugreek seed paste with yogurt. This is an excellent remedy for dandruff. You can visit the website mentioned below for more home remdies.
My sister isn't natural, but she did have dandruff; I'm transitioning (about half and half with the natural/ relaxed hair) and we both used the Shea Moisture Dandruff Control Masque. It's great! It stopped my sister's dandruff and helps make the scalp feel clean and the hair moisturized. They actually have a whole line, but we just used that and it worked really well.