need help with wash routine/Shea Moisture products

I am transitioning and just purchased some Shea Moisture products but I need help with a wash routine. I previously would prepoo with conditioner and oil and then shampoo and condition. Now I have their cowash, conditioner, and deep conditioning mask. Do I still prepoo with a co wash or is that just for when I decide to shampoo? Also, do I condition and then deep condition or just one or the other? All suggestions and routines are appreciated. I don't have money right now to buy many additional products.

1 Answer

Unfortunately, you'll have to experiment & see what works for your hair. You might find using the cowash as a pre-poo works or doesn't & you need something more moisturizing. You might find you don't need to pre-poo at all. You might find the regular shampoo is too drying & end up using the cowash only as your shampoo. And depending on how much new growth you have, you also might find that you need to treat your roots differently than the chemically-treated part of your hair.If you decide to do a deep condition, you can skip the regular conditioner. Using both products together is just a waste of product. Again, you may find you need to leave the conditioner/deep conditioner on longer certain parts of your hair.The only other suggestion I can think of is to keep your receipt! Many stores allow you to return open beauty products.