Ok so everytime I wash my hair all the moisture comes out, how do I keep my hair from being so dry?

is my hair just unhealthy or is it sopposed to be dry when i wash it. I know that i put mosture in my hair when i use products but when the products come out its like my hair is just horribly dry and breaking.

5 Answers

Try using a sulfate free shampoo and deep conditioning once a week. Shea Moisture has many great moisturizing shampoos, conditioners, leave in conditioners and deep conditioners. But the nature of a cleanser is that it will wash off anything on your hair and you will need to re-moisturize just like using hand lotion after you wash your hands.
I definitely agree with KatCurl. Using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners with retention properties can help with dry hair. Another tip is to use a light oil for moisture sealing. Many people don't know that moisture escapes the hair if it's "trapped" in the hair strand. One of my favorites is Eden Body Works Peppermint & Tree Oil Spray. Not too heavy. I just spritz some on my hair when it's wet for a soft finish.
What products are you using?
why don't you try oil rinsing??? its a best way to moisturize your hair. so, google it and try it.
why don't you try oil rinsing?? its a best way to moisturize your hair. so, google it and try it.