is it OK to shampoo my hair

2 Answers

yes. But you should use a sulfate free shampoo and do a prepoo,my favorite type is where I mix 1/4 cup coconut oil w/ 1/4 cup raw honey
Hello Keba!You absolutely can use a shampoo, and I'd even recommend using it once a month to make sure you never get too much product build-up.But...there are a few rules of thumb you need to be careful of when out shopping for the right shampoo.  Try to stick to these, and you'll be on the right track:1. Look for a moisturizing shampoo, one made especially for curly hair always helps.2. Try to find one that calls out detangling as a key benefit as well.  There is nothing worse than your hair getting all knotted up while you shampoo!3. Sulfate-free, but the right kind of sulfate-free is the important part.  You want to seek out sulfate-free shampoos that call-out 'naturally-derived' or 'vegetable-derived' cleansing systems.  The natural systems are not only extra gentle, but they're also packed with goodies like vitamins and lipids that'll keep hair soft and smooth.  Synthetic sulfate-free ingredients can still dry-out your hair.4. Figure out ways to make your shampoo easier.  The first tip is actually, conditioning your hair first.  This will help lessen the chance of tangles when you do shampoo.  The second tip is, section your into 4 big twists and apply the shampoo to each twist and scrunch them to get the suds going and shampooing started.5.  If your hair is really dry, a pre-poo treatment is always a great idea.  An intensive moisturizing hair mask mixed with a hair oil can do wonders to counteract any washing away of moisture when you do shampoo.Hope this helps!