Is it ok to use baby Johnson baby shampoo as a co-wash?

2 Answers

Hey,  honestly I would just read the ingredients. The shampoo might have sulfates in it, and that's going to strip or dry the hair out. Non bene ):  Co-washing= is to restore and maintain the balance of moisture in hair. Hair henceforth, needs a proper balance of moisture and protein to thrive and grow long. "Say No To Sulfates!"
Agreed, I would read the ingredients if you know that there are ingredients your hair doesn't like - like sulfates. If not, I'd say go with trial and error :)Also, with co-wash, I agree that's the point, but cowashing itself means using just conditioner to cleanse and moisturize so using shampoo is just washing your hair. That being said, it's said you should deep condition after every time you use a shampoo so if you find your hair excessively dry - even with a no sulfate shampoo and a normal conditioner - you may want to try that.