Is it okay to co-wash everyday?

I have a really tough time achieving second day hair. Is it bad for your hair to co-wash every day or every other day? I feel that this is over manipulating it and is keeping me from retaining length. I have thick, coarse 3b curls, low porosity and high density. 

1 Answer

hi there!I don't know if I can help, but here's what I do. I co wash my hair two or three times a week. I never used to get second day hair at all, but now I can. On days that I wash my hair, I use tons of conditioner and leave quite a bit in. After towel turban-ing for about 20 minutes, I apply gel and let my hair air dry, scrunching occassionaly.  My hair usually takes forever to dry, and occasionally it feels heavy. But the next morning, my hair has absorbed some of the moisture. I usually just dampen my hair a bit and then let it dry.Oftentimes my second day hair is better than the first day.If you feel that your hair will not absorb the moisture, use less conditioner and maybe use a follow-up rinse, such as apple cider vinegar, rose water, or rosemary water.