Is it okay to wash my hair every day if I don't seem to have dry hair?

1 Answer

It depends on what you consider a "wash". Shampoo is stripping and drying to curly/wavy/kinky textures so you may want to consider cleansing conditioners which are perfectly fine to use every day. Just be sure to lessen shampoo use and up the moisture/protein. I used to swim every day in college and I had relaxed hair at the time. I DC after each swim until I got home (often 5-6 hours later). I'd hope in the shower rinse, lightly cleanse with a moisturizing shampoo, Cholesterol, rinse again, and then blow dry my hair with a little bit of conditioner or cholesterol still left in it. I never rinsed all of the product out. My hair was not only healthy, but I retained a lot of length so my hair became the longest it had been since I started cutting it back in high school.