What products to use in relaxed hair after just washing it? How to air dry well

I was wondering if cantu shea butter leave in conditioner or Aphogee Pro Vitamin Leave in Conditioner is better for my relaxed hair? I heard the Shea butter one is better for thick hair but I'm not so sure that my hair is all that thick to use it (Would it be bad if I used it anyways?) Also I am a swimmer swimming 2X a week so I was wondering if shea butter would still work. I also was wondering what product is best if I want to reduce frizz when air drying and if I use heat if the Tresseme heat protectant was good (platinum strength) Other products I use are after just washing: Aphogee 2 minute Reconstructor (well the orange one in the spray bottle) 100% Coconut oil on scalp and to seal moisture Is there any other products I need to use to ensure maximum results on my wash day? Thank you :) (sorry it was so long)

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