Do products with various oils clog bathtub drains?

When I wash my hair (about once every 4 days) my bathtub drain sometimes becomes backed up. I have a hair catcher in the drain as well, so I'm wondering if its the natural oils (excluding coconut oil because my hair hates it) in the products I use that are part of the problem?

1 Answer

Possibly... Ive had drain problems too. But I think mine are more from thick conditioners and hair mask. A lot of time residue from oils or conditioners make re- solidify f their not completely rinsed down. I cant use bleach due to septic system. The best solution Ive found (on top of the normal drain screen) is too take the screen off pour 1/2 cup baking soda into the drain. Then you can either rinse it down with alot of white vinegar for bubbling action. I prefer use a lot of boiling hot water. This heats it all the gunk up and rinses it down. If not you may need to have someone "snake" the drain with small non damaging tool , because you may have a drain clog further in the pipe you cannot see. Good luck