Proper way to wash transitioning hair?

I have read everywhere about shampooing, co-washing, conditioning and deep conditioning and want to know what I should do as a transitioner with possible 4b hair.Should I shampoo-condition-styleCo-wash and do a Leave-in ConditionerShould I throw in a Deep Conditioning Treatment in there somewhere? I don't know where to start in cleansing my hair or the step-by-step process. 

1 Answer

The main thing i've learned: there's no such thing as a regimen i do 100% of the time. My regimen depends on what my hair looks like, what it needs, etc. So yeah, if my hair really dirty, I'll shampoo-condition-style. But if shampooed it two days ago but I just need to refresh the style because I'm over it or I worked out or something, then cowash-leavein-style. There's never something i do 100% of the time, because it just depends on the situation. But generally, here's my regimen:Sunday night: Pre-poo treatment = apply something like coconut oil to my dry, dirty hair and start to detangle it gently with my fingers and put it in sections. This is just so my hair doesn't loc/matte up when I add water. Shampoo = wet my hair in the sink or bend over the side of the bathtub (I don't wash my hair in the shower, it's just a waste of water). Use a sulfate-free shampoo and slather that on. Scrub scrub as usual. Rinse. Condition = Apply a conditioner and run it through my hair and detangle with my fingers. I don't really use combs. After I detangle a section, I twist it up. I usually end up having 6 twists. Add heat = This is how it becomes a "deep condition". I let the conditioner sit in my hair for like 30 minutes and wear my Hair Therapy Wrap. Rinse with cool water over the bathtub with those twists still in my hair. Dry with a tshirt = Tshirts absorb enough water without making your hair frizzy like a body towel.Apply leave in conditioner = I take down each twist and apply the conditioner. Then twist/clip it back up. Style = apply my styler and twist my hair however I want to. I hope that gives you a starting point!