What's a good routine to cleanse my hair? What products are good for 3b/c hair?

2 Answers

Depending upon how dry your hair is, I wouldn't shampoo everyday. You can wet it and condition it, or use a cleansing conditioner. If you use a lot of styling products - which most of us curlies do - you should clarify at least every two weeks to make sure you get rid of buildup. In terms of styling products, it depends on the humidity. I like styling creams or cream gels in humid weather, and I might layer it over a leave-in conditioner or a product like Curl Keeper
I have super thick, super curly 3b/c hair and I really like Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner as a styling product.  It makes my hair soft, light, and airy!  I also love Deva Curl Light Defining Gel, it makes my hair very shiny.  Here is my basic curly hair routine:1.  I shampoo with OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo if my hair feels dirty on my scalp.  I then condition with whatever conditioner I wanna use (I rotate) and leave it in, and wrap it in a bun.  After that, I continue with my shower.2. When I am done getting dressed, I wrap a towel over my shoulders and take out the topknot.  I tilt my head foward, and glide either Mixed Chicks Leave In or Deva Curl gel and scrunch.3.  I either scrunch with a microfiber towel until 50-70% dry, and let air dry: or turban my hair with a microfiber towel if I am low on time.4. When my hair is fully dry, I tilt my head foward and shuffle my scalp with my fingers. Then I part my hair in the part I choose. It takes about 10 minutes to wash and style.  It's very simple and quick.