My scalp stinks

hi everybody. This is a problem I've been struggling with for years, and I'm at my wit's end about it. I have a very smelly scalp, and I feel like I've tried everything under the sun to help. I've tried Co wash with silicone free conditioner, I've tried medicated shampoos, I've tried using no products and no conditioner, I've had hair stylists tell me not to use conditioner, I've tried baking soda and acv, I've tried blow drying right after the shower, I've tried dry shampoo, I've tried hair spray, I've tried washing daily, every other day, every few days,I feel like I've tried it all.Right now and for a long time I've just been doing a shampoo and conditioner normal routine like most other people in the world, my hair looks OK. I am at the point where I'm willing to sacrifice the look of my hair to get rid of this embarrassing problem . I feel like conditioner and product makes the smell even worse. I literally can only go a few hours after washing before my scalp reeks.I guess what I'm asking is, has anyone else on this forum had this problem? Can you give me some advice for products to try or techniques that have worked for you? Thanks for your helpI guess I should add, my hair is just below shoulder length, layers, a mix of fine and medium and some coarse pieces, relatively thick and somewhere around 3a but it's a mix of some pieces that are almost straight some that are even curlier.

1 Answer

I wonder whether you have looked into systemic Candida overgrowth?Or considered  other "alternative" causal factors.Because it sounds as if it could be from an internal cause, and that would be why surface treatments are not helpful. Things to consider would include how clean you eat; ie. wholesome, organic, and especially what your sugar consumption is. Naturopathic doctor would likely be a good place to start.  Also, a good (experienced) Homeopathic doctor can be very helpful for chronic & unexplained things like this. Your body is speaking to you, and in my experience, such professionals can be  most helpful in "translating"  ;)Best of luck  to you!