My sculp is getting itchy what do u think is the cause?

I'm a 2b and I just started to leave my hair curly last month but my sculp is itching these days , what makes the sculp itch?

1 Answer

Hi Princess.Moc, There are a number of reasons your scalp might be itchy. 1. Did you change your shampoo? 2. Are you using products that are heavy in oils or silicones? 3. Did you change your shampoo routine? 4. Are you using sulfates? Shampoos high in sulfates can dry out the scalp and cause it to itch. If you can tell me more details about your regimen I might be able to help you. However, please keep in mind that I am not a Trichologist or licensed hair expert. My advice is purely from experience and research. If you believe your scalp is in need of medical attention please see a doctor. Thanks!