shampoo or no poo ? 9 months of no poo and not happy thinking of going back to shampooing daily

began no poo 9 months ago . I had a bad hair trim from a stylist who was not familiar with curly hair :(  I decided to go no poo by research I had done, desperately trying to grow back the 6 inches I lost . Now that I have the growth back my hair feels gross and wondering what opinions are regarding going back to shampooing/conditioning everyday like I did prior to the nightmare trim/cut I should nit have gotten

4 Answers

i would suggest shampooing every 2-3 days no poo and cowashing can cause build up over time making your hair feel gross
The way you cleanse is also very important. I cowash every 3/4 days and don't get build-up. Sectioning your hair while washing really helps especially when you have longer hair so every part of your hair gets it's ''attention'' whether you cowash or use the no poo method. I'd not recommend shampooing/cowashing your hair daily, your hair is way more vulnerable while it's wet. I do get you'd like to get rid of the gross feeling, it could be caused by using too much product or the way it's washed. Hope this helps!
I agree with both answers I believe both cowashing and shampooing has its time and place my hair is very dry so I personally benafit from cowashing every 2 or 3 days depending on  your lifestyle and what products you use you NEED to shampoo its important to get your hair clean so buildup isnt blocking moisture from penatrating the hair shaft I shampoo atleast once a month but like I said depends on what products I use  and how much you gotta go by feel see what's best for you
ok so let's figure out why when I use vo 5 or sauve shoo and conditioner th as t my curls are perfect as when I use loreal cleansing creme it's awful .curls are limp and gross..I never had this before    I started the no poo . I am so confused and frustrated any help is sooooo appreciated :) Thanks girlsRebecca