Should ACV be rinsed out of hair?

I have thick, low porosity 2b hair with an oily scalp. I've been using an ACV rinse to try to help my oily scalp.      In an article about hair ph balance, i read that ACV shouldn't be rinsed out of hair, as this essentially returns hair to the ph of the water.However, most ACV rinse recipes say to rinse with cold water afterward. So should i do a final cold water rinse after the ACV, or is it better to let the ACV rin stay on my hair?   

2 Answers

I would rinse out your hair, just for the sake of smell. Apple cider vinegar can be kinda smelly. Even if you rinse it out you will still get the benefits of doing an ACV rinse. 
Yes, make sure you rinse it out. Although it does cleanse the scalp, if left in too long, it may damage the strength of the actual hair.Immediately after your ACV rinse, condition your hair to replenish lost moisture.