Sulfate Shampoo=too dry, Sulfate free=too greasy. What shampoo should I use to get hair just right?

I have very thick and dense type 3B and some 3A hair. I have low to medium porosity, I think. I have been using beautiful curls: wavey to curly shampoo, leave in conditioner and gel. I also use a curl cream from great clips that I actually really like. My problem is, I end up alternating between using the beautiful curls shampoo and a suave professionals (sulfate) shampoo. I do this because the sulfate cleans well, but dries out my hair, while the BC has great moisture, but doesn't get my hair as clean, so it ends up greasy. I'm planning to try using something in between like the Organix brand coconut shampoo. Anyone have any other suggestions for products or tips?

2 Answers

if you're a strict CG girl (Curly Girl Method) then the Organix brand isn't for you. Try Kinky Curly's Come Clean. I believe it follows the CG method and people have said it makes their hair feel new and CLEAN, but I don't thjn like that dry squeaky clean that usually comes from sulfates. I have the same issue and once I'm done with my shampoo im going to try this. You can also try Devacurl Low-Poo. Their No-Poo may not be what you're looking for. 
I am having the same issue! I want to be truly sulfate free but my scalp is too greasy. Last night I tried SheaMoisture JBCO Shampoo and it works great. My hair didn't feel dry whatsoever, in fact it felt super soft. It's supposed to have apple cider vinegar in it, thus the softness. Try it out, I love it!