Why can’t my curls look the same when there are wet?

I am new to wearing my hair natural. Never put anytime of chemical in my hair, just wore it straight. Now, I have been truly natural for 5 months. I have not straightened my hair since then. Since, I new to wearing my hair down curly, I am wondering why my hair looks better when its wet. When my hair is wet its past my shoulders. How can I keep the elongated wet look when its dry? When its wet the curls have perfect definition but when their dry its another story.

1 Answer

Your hair looks elongated and defined wet because the water is weighing it down and moisturizing it, respectively. Depending on what your hair looks like dry, there's also a good chance you have heat damage assuming you didn't cut your hair after you stopped straightening it.You can't really keep your hair elongated with water alone. You'll probably have to try some stretching methods ( either a styling method, banding, stretching with a blow dryer, etc.).  As for definition, you should try a cream styler or a gel, depending on your hair type and thickness. Also, make sure to keep your hair moisturized - try a leave-in or the LOC/LCO method. If you do have heat damage, you may notice nothing really working to define your curls. This might be due to dryness or split ends caused by the heat damage. If this is the case, try protein treatments and/or deep conditioning. If that doesn't work, you might have to transition or big chop :\ Than again, your hair might also just be naturally frizzy and have a hard time defining, even with product.