How many times can I Co wash hair?

i just bought the as I am Co wash after many people had recommended it, I have 3a hair and I was wondering how many times a week should I Co wash my hair? 

2 Answers

I shampoo wash every fourth wash. So that means I co wash 3 times and then on the fourth wash, I use shampoo. Co washing in my 4a hair has kept my curl pattern in tact but your hair is much different than mine. You may only need one co wash per week. 
I am the same as @IamMelanie in my process/frequency although we have very different hair types. I co-wash (V05 conditioner) 3x then shampoo with Shea Moisture Manuka Honey shampoo on my 4th washing. It probably all depends on your roots/oiliness, product build up, how often you workout, etc. But just experiment. You'll figure out what you like. No right or wrong. Just what's right for you!