how to treat my flaking oily sclap?

Hi!I have been suffering from a flaky oily scalp for a while now due to my age (Im 15). Try to treat my scalp so it is flake free, but nothing ever works. Ive tried tea tree shampoos, head and shoulders dandruff co wash and their shampoos, acv rinses, and nothing seems to be working. When I do use these shampoos, my 3b/3c hair becomes very stripped and hard to detangle. I switched to co washing to maintain moisture and tangle free hair, but the flake issue lingers. I have tried pre pooing, but that failed as well. If anyone knows any way to combat the issue, please please help!

2 Answers

I am not able to send you a link of it, but CurlyPenny ha posted a video on You Tube about it: "How I got rid of greasy hair". I hope it will help you.
True dandruff is a fungus that feeds off oils. So, if you are applying oil to your scalp I'd stop. If you've tried Head & Shoulders regularly (and were not oiling your scalp in between which would defeat the purpose) then, it might be something else. I would consult a Dr. as it could be seborrheic dermatitis or eczema and you could get the right treatment to deal with it. All of these cause flaking but have different origins and remedies. Hope it's a quick easy fix ;)