Should you wash your hair every time you sweat?

Okay so I exercise daily and sweat A LOT. A lot of times I just let the sweat dry because I don't feel the need to cowash daily. Recently, I have been experiencing a lot of hair fall and thinning and maybe the sweat is contributing to that? What should I do to stop it?

1 Answer

It's probably not the sweat that's doing that. Do not wash your hair daily! Do you tie your hair up during your workout? Tight buns and ponytails can cause thinning. Also, any changes in your diet? Malnutrition can lead to bad hair, skin and nails. And last but not least, STRESS. Stress causes hair thinning.Fish oil or krill oil will help. You can get them at walmart or any corner store. No prescription needed. This will make your hair shiny and thick.I hope this helps! Good luck!