Can washing my hair 2 times a week promote hair loss?

I'm transitioning since May so I'm very new to this. But since I have fine Spanish hair, it seems like i have to wash it at least twice a week. However, I feel like all of this washing and detangling (fingers only) is making my hair fall out. My almost 3 curls don't do second day so i have to re-set every morning with a spray bottle.  How do i know what normal hair loss is? I'm scared that this transitioning will make me go bald.

3 Answers

i thought i replied but the answer is not here.
as long as you use curl friendly products you should be fine. i usually recommend cleansing the scalp once or twice a week. you can rinse and condition as often as needed. avoid products that contain silicones, sulfates and parabens and definitely don't use products that feel heavy, oily, greasy or slimy. my blog is really helpful and covers this in detail:
We lose an average amount of 80 strands of hair daily, plus if you only brush your hair when you wash it (and you don't wash it every day) it's normal to see a a quite big amount of hair fall. I don't think you should worry about that