What are some good natural shampoos?

I have very curly 3c/4a curls and when I started doing the curly girl method I was co-washing once a week and sulfate-free shampooing once a month. But my hair started getting really itchy and had a ton of build up co-washing was just not cleansing it well enough. So, after a few weeks of not co-washing and using sulfate-free shampoo my hair is way less itchy! (: But, I don't like my current shampoo. Is there any that you recommend that are sulfate-free and that leave your scalp really clean. Or a diy that works well to clean your hair? Thanks!

2 Answers

I love Andalou Naturals. They have great ingredients that do all the right things. I use the Argan and Sweet Orange sham and cond.
any of the loreal ever curl,ever creme,etc are good. there is also a brand called ology, and if you have a trader joes near you there shampoo and conditioners are good.