What brand conditioner, shampoo, co-wash would you natural ladies suggest?

Looking for suggestions of brands to wash, condition, etc my hair with. I recently transitioned and have no natural hair mentors. Reasonably priced brands are appreciated. Thank you.

4 Answers

I Started off with Shea Moisture products I love them very affordable ,  i use organix coconut milk conditioner , As i am coconut co wash.. That' s probably my favorite. I didnt mention shampoo cause i dont use it 
Thank you for those suggestions. If you don't use shampoo, are you "washing" with your conditioner?
V05! At a dollar a bottle, can't beat my results. I keep a collection of clarifying, volume, mooisterizing. All conditioner. I use 2 sometimes. 
I use Vo5 as my co-wash, Nature's Gate aloe vera conditioner as my main conditioner, and if I want a more traditional feeling shampoo every once in a while, I go for the SheaMoisture raw shea butter moisture retention shampoo.