what is a good light weight natural no sulfate or alcohol cleanser

I've recently discovered this website and in the first 10 mins of jumping around the site i have learned SO MUCH about my hair i did not previously know!like the fact that i have wavy hair and not curly...depending on the day i guess :)I have 2B hair, and every now and the the back will curl up a bit more...when im lucky. its VERY thin and VERY dry.no color treatments and i only apply, ANY heat, about once a year!I have been using WEN for around 2.5 years but have noticed it weighs down my hair a bit...im considering starting to use AVEDA as a new cleanser.I would like some info if someone has any about the differences or possibly even some alternatives.THANX!

1 Answer

Hi, I have 2b hair too and for cleansers I use two products, both by Curl Junkie: the Gentle Cleansing Shampoo and the Daily Fix Cleansing Conditioner. They aren't alcohol free but they're sulfate free and work really well. If your hair is feeling weighed down, try clarifying once a month and switching to a lighter daily conditioner.