whats the difference between a co-wash and shampoo. Should i replace my norm shampoo with a co-wash?

I have read lot's of articles about co-washing but should I replace my shampoo with a co-wash or are they the same thing?

3 Answers

Soon many factors affect this answer. Like your hair and scalp oiliness. Coarse or fine hair. Porosity, etc. I have a slightly more oily scalp so I can "wash" with V05 conditioner (one of the lightest Curly Girl Method friendly conditioners) one maybe 2 washes in a row before I need to use a gently sulfate free shampoo like Shea Moisture Superfruit 10 in 1 Renewal. My mom can go 2 weeks before she uses shampoo b/c her hair and scalp are drier. And there are more moisturizing shampoos (I love Shea Moisture brand and have several) but some require me using shampoo again the next time I wash b/c they are more moisturizing like the Manuka Oil and Honey and the Raw Shea ones. There are also co-wash products too. But for me, they would likely be heavier than my V05 and weigh my hair down. There are lots of options it's a matter of finding what works for your hair and your budget. Suave Naturals and Tresemme Naturals are popular budget friendly silicone free conditioners that lots of curlies use as a co-wash. Hope that helps.
cowash is More of way to retain moisture but if you were to ever flat iron your hair use shampoo so you can remove any residue of other products.
No. Co-washing or cleansing conditioners are supplemental to shampoo. They do not replace them.