3A curl pattern damaged?? helpp

a few months ago back in june i bleach half of my hair continuously and now my curl pattern is really damaged and it won't hold color or curl and it's been 6 months of me babying itanyone know how to help curl pattern come back?any good products?i look a little silly with one side really curly and the other side slightly wavy/straight. thanks guys xoxo

1 Answer

The short answer is it needs to grow in and the damaged part cut off for the original curl pattern to return. The longer answer is that you might be able to get SOME of the curl back with some deep conditioning including protein! I would look into the ApHogee protein treatment to start with and then make sure you are deep conditioning the damage 1-2x a week. Shea Moisture has a lot of deep conditioner choices and they all have some variety of protein in them. My fine 2c colored hair seems to like Hask Keratin protein packs since hair is mostly keratin. I also find that collagen, silk and amino acids are good but my hair doesn't like vegetable protein or wheat protein as much (it feels rough with those and it feels smooth and looks like the curls are boosted from the proteins it does like). Use sulfate free shampoo. Don't wash every day. Use a conditioner to co-wash with in between shampoo washes (Suave Clarifying or V05 are my preferred). I like SM Superfruit shampoo and their Deep Cleansing for less often when I need to really clarify but in a pinch I would use a sulfate shampoo to clarify every few months or so. Hope that helps. Let me know if you think I can help any further. Best.