After coloring, my hair damaged and will not curl. What can I do to restore the damage?

After coloring my hair started not curling, falling and breaking profusely. I put on box braids as a protective hairstyle but honestly I feel clueless. I want to take out the braids and darken the hair maybe chop it all off again. I would like some guidance as to what I can do to restore my hair.  

4 Answers

maybe choping it might be a good idea. Colors especially light colors arent good for our hair.. You need to deep condition and use lots of protien treatments.
Good morning jibara_,Whenever the hair needs to be lifted in order to color, there will be a breakdown of the protein structure, which in some cases affects the curl pattern. When deciding to color treat your hair, it is essential to incorporate weekly deep conditioning and protein treatments at least once a month. Coloring your hair dark will not revert the curl pattern or decrease the amount of breakage. Hair breaks when it is dry and weak. I am not sure if your box braids are installed with added hair but I would not put added weight and stress on the hair with extensions. I say all of this to say, I would cut. Damaged hair cannot be permanently reverted to healthy, only temporarily via protein treatments.
I'd say go through with the chop. Next time you can just try dying it gradually over time to get the color you want, no bleach. :-)
Yow! :) You can use homemade hair masks about once a week or every two weeks with things like eggs, mayo, olive oil, banana, avocado, coconut or almond oil. From experience I would recommend that you go online and get a product called Pro Natural’s moroccan argan oil online because that stuff is the best for damaged hair. It’s not oily and it doesn't make your hair greasy, you just pump a bit out and comb it through your hair, it makes hair stronger and healthier, plus it helps a ton with the frizz.