is it best to grow our bleached blonde highlights or color over it to repair the damage?

I have black, curly 3A hair. I put light blonde highlights in it but it caused frizz, dryness and damage. Is it best to just let the highlights grow out and get healthy hair back or to color over them to repair the damage?I attached photos to show my natural curl pattern and the highlights. You can also see some frizz and dryness. I have used a hair masque and deep conditioning, hair oil but the dryness is still there. I am hesitant to color over the highlights because I don't want anymore damage.

1 Answer

Don't get too obsessed about it, it may be that the product combination is not the best. It is possible to have beautiful hair while coloured. If you still think they are done, don't color over them, as that will make them dryer. You could instated use a glaze or a semi permanent, that will protect your hair while it grows.