What is the best hair color for my skin complexion

I' am 18 years old and I'm thinking about naturally dying my hair burgundy with beets. only highlighting the tips though, But i want to be sure that I' am choosing the right hair color for my complexion before i begin this process. I don't want to look washed out and dull because a did it wrong. I have a chocolate skin tone that deep and rich and my natural hair color is either black or very dark brown I'm still unsure. But any suggestions will be  very appreciated. oh yeah also my is nautral.

1 Answer

I always suggest doing a test patch. No one can tell you what a color will look like on you until you actually try it for yourself. My natural hair color is "dusty black" and I've had red, brown, purple/pink, blue/green hair and I loved them all. And honestly I don't think many colors can "wash out" dark complexions. So do a test patch and I suggest doing a tumblr or pinterest search for inspiration. My hair looks like this right now