Can bleached curls be recovered ? Or will I have to grow it all out?

So, I had pretty long (hip length) curly brown hair. I had never used heat (only straightened once in my life) and never bleached or coloured before. I recently decided to get a few blonde highlights put in my hair to give it a new, refreshing look. I knew that it would be damaging, but I didnt expect this much damage on my virgin hair. My hair falls out in big clumps all the time, is very dry, frizzy and more tangled than usual. Also, my curl pattern is pretty much ruined, i just have slightlly wavy hair now. So my question is, will I have to grow all my hair out? Or can certain products fix this problem? P.S the picture in my profile picture is how my curls used to be, the attached picture is how they are now

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