Bleaching 3B Hair ?

I want to bleach my medium brown 3B hair. It's already pretty damaged (haven't dyed it in around 3-4 months), coarse, and dry. I'm worried I'll lose all my curls / my hair will get insanely frizzy after I bleach (since I'll have to bleach it multiple times to get it completely white). Any advice?

1 Answer

I can just tell you're a pretty stylish person from the hair color you want your hair! I understand cuz I'm only 12 and I know hair color is like SUPER trendy for I am also VERY fashionable but since your hair is already damaged I can't even describe the frizz, porousness, extreme dryness, crunchiness, puffiness, and cracky noise your hair will experience...Sowwy!- Rahmat The Hair Obsessed 12 Year OldP.S. you don't want your hair to look like...