CG- method- friendly purple "no-poo" shampoo for bleach-blonde hair. Any suggestions?

I currently have bleach-blonde hair and have been following the CG method for 4 months now using the DevaCare line which has dramatically improved my hair considering the hell I put it through with the bleaching and toning. I have however been having the issue with avoiding brass in my hair which I used to control with Matrix purple shampoo pre-CG. I've been adding purple drops from Sally's to my no-poo but this doesn't help much. Any bleached curlies out there with suggestions? I've read that Clairol Shimmer Lights blonde & silver Conditioner is CG friendly and I've considered buying it and using it occasionally as my no-poo alternative when the brass kicks in. Anyone have any experience with this product or any other one? Thanks for any answers.

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