Any CG's who use Aveda color? Transitioning from modified to full CG and want to keep my colorist.

For the last two or three years I've been using Aveda products and services (colour) on my hair (I think it's a 3A/3B) mix. In my early thirties but started noticing grey hairs 10 years ago. In don't have a ton of them but I'm self-conscious and would rather hide them when I can. For the last 10-12 months I've been using Aveda Dry Remedy shampoo (once a weekish), Dry Rememdy conditioner, and then Be Curly curl enhancer. In the summer I was also using re:coil gel. Prior yo the Dry Remedy stuff I was using Color Conserve. So, just made the switch to Deva Curl a couple of weeks ago and am trying the truly CG thing. But I'm really happy with the colour I've been getting over the last few years at my local Aveda salon. (The cuts are some great, some less great. Best I've had yet, anyway.) I'm wondering if anyone here has had a positive experience using their own CG-friendly products most of the time, but with Aveda colour (and Aveda shampoo/conditioner/styling products) for the actual colour. First question, sorry if I did anything wrong here! 

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